16 Stafford Terrace exhibition


16 Stafford Terrace

’16 Stafford Terrace’ is inspired by it’s next door neighbour 18 Stafford Terrace, formerly the home of noted illustrator Edward Linley Sambourne, now preserved as a museum.

While the two houses share a similar layout, the interiors clearly reflect the different aesthetics of decoration done more than 100 years apart. The choice of furniture, wall paper, lighting and colours sets the two houses in two very different eras.

A noted cartoonist for Punch, the house was Linley Sambourne’s studio and salon and it became, and remains, a showcase for his talents. As with Linley Sambourne’s home the art on show at 16 Stafford Terrace is completely in tune with it’s time and the exhibition also shares the atmosphere of it’s neighbour, where art is comfortably enjoyed in a relaxed household setting. Unlike a normal art gallery, white and sterile, the focus here is on making the guests feel completely at ease with the art.

The artworks themselves speak for the artists and so no ‘artists statements’ are necessary. The setting is a comfortable, elegant yet hard working family house and the artworks have been carefully selected to be appropriate to their setting and to each rooms function.

Seen by invitation only, as our homes are, what we have is intimate, private and personal.

ISKAI Contemporary Art & KINARI Art

16 Stafford Terrace : Private Viewing 


Organized by ISKAI Contemporary Art & KINARI Art
Exhibition Directors Doug ATHERLEY, Stephanie Seungmin KIM
Co-curators Stephanie Seungmin KIM, Leeji HONG
Exhibition & Catalogue Design Sohee YOON
Installation Photographs Soonhak KWON, Seoyeoung WON
Printing doff’n Company
Special Thanks to 
18 Stafford Terrace, Leighton Museum, Patrick Han, Hyungok Kim and all the artists

Notes to Editor:

ISKAI Contemporary Art is a UK based art exhibition-curating company, specialising in showcasing art in unusual and creative settings. ISKAI debuted a London based designer Moritz Waldemeyer in Seoul with a 1 tonne one-off installation for the biggest shopping mall in Korea. In 2012, ISKAI will be curating exhibitions at Berkeley Castle (June-Sept.), the Moscow Biennale for Young Arts (July-Aug) and Liverpool Biennial’s City States (Sept-Nov)

For more information and mailing details please contact curatorkim@gmail.com 

KINARI ART Under the banner of Art Connect, Kinari Art organizes distinctive art shows to introduce a selection of artists whose work we know and love to our diverse range of contacts. Art Connect presents great art to a personally invited audience in unique settings around the world. Viewings in beautiful private homes allow you to appreciate the art in a relaxed and personal setting, as it should be shown. Larger events combine different art forms in unusual and exciting venues. www.kinariart.com  art@kinaridesign.com 

Private Opening