(Past work before ISKAI) Hangul=Spirit: Inspired by Korean Characters


Hangul=Spirit: Inspired by Korean Characters

An Exhibition of Hangul featuring four very different Korean Artists ranging from Fashion to Typography: AHN Sang-Soo, Kyungwoo CHUN, KIM Jong-Won and LIE Sang-Bong

Centred around and inspired by the Korean writing system Hangul, the Korean Cultural Centre is pleased to announce the upcoming Exhibition of contemporary fashion and design featuring the much lauded Korean Typographer AHN Sang-Soo, the challenging Photography of Kyungwoo CHUN, the graceful Calligraphy of KIM Jong-Won and the highly acclaimed fashion designer and cultural icon LIE Sang-Bong.

This exhibition focuses on the pivotal role Hangul has played in Korean culture, thought and history. The title “Hangul = Spirit” reveals the many layers inherent in Hangul, representing how Hangul has functioned as a unifying thread connecting us with our past whilst at the same time continuing to offer an insight into the identity of the Korean people. The spirit of Hangul therefore also encompasses the central characteristics of empathy, love and generosity. The artistic adaptation of Hangul by these four artists, in terms of their experimentation, re-inscription, re-shaping and re-contextualization of the medium of language is therefore the focus of this exhibition.

An exhibition Catalogue for “Hangul=Spirit: Inspired by Korean Characters” will be published in due course. The Exhibition has been organized by the Korean Cultural Centre UK, curated by Stephanie Seungmin KIM and co-organized with the art direction for LIE Sang-bong by KIM Chi-ho.

The Official opening reception of the exhibition is on the 30th March 2009 from 18.30.
The night will feature a mini fashion show and a calligraphic performance.

A Forum will be held on the 31st March 2009 from 4pm in partnership with the Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Students from the world of fashion and design will be invited to spend ‘an Afternoon with Lie Sang-Bong’. After a tour of the exhibition, LIE Sang-bong will host a discussion group on the fashion world, his work, inspiration and influences.

Special Thanks 
Lie Sang Bong Paris , Chiho & Company

Curated by Stephanie Seungmin Kim