(Past work before ISKAI) Traditional Yet Contemporary


This exhibition is a part of The 4th London Korean Festival 2006 [Info], which is being celebrated to mark 120 years of diplomatic relations between Korea and U.K. It is the first time that an exhibition of Korean ceramics focused on a specific modern period is being exhibited in London, furthermore exemplifying an interchange in ceramics, a vibrant art scene in which both countries have shared their passion.

For this exhibition, a collection by most established artists was chosen by the Joseon Royal Kiln Museum, which is located in the city of Gwangju, Korea, the home of the royal kilns that were established by the Joseon dynasty and operated for 400 years. The exhibition showcases 36 diverse artworks by 12 of Korea’s most important ceramic artists, revealing the latest innovations of the country’s rich ceramic tradition of 5,000 years.

Celadon: Bang Chul-Ju, Yoo Kwang-Yul, Park Byoung-Ho
White Porcelain: Lee Young-Ho, Chung Youn-Taeg, Park Young-Sook
Buncheong: Huh Sang-Wook, Kim Sang-Man, Lee Jung-Do
Earthenware & Stoneware: Lee In-Jin, Roe Kyung-Jo, Jung Jae-Hyo

The special exhibition of Korean ceramics accompanied with documentaries, photo illustrations, and detailed commentaries, will enrich Britain’s ceramic art scene with an exciting fresh theme. The exhibition also feature works by Bernard Leach, Dame Lucie Rie, William Marshall and other Contemporary British Artists including Gareth Mason, Ashley Howard, Edmund de Waal, Hyejeong Kim and Emmanuel Cooper.

Event I at the Air Gallery ( 29 May – 3 June 2006)
30 May 2006, 7.00- 9.30 pm – VIP/PRESS reception, Private Views @ The Air Gallery
29 May – 3 June 2006, 10.00am – 7.00pm 1PM: gallery talks by Dr. Pak, Lecturer at SOAS

Event II at the Victoria & Albert Museum, The 1st Korean Day (27 May 2006)
Dynamic performances from three contemporary Korean teams in Garden, Lecture Theatre and Raphael Room, Gallery Talks at the Gallery of Korean art

Event III at Bonham’s, the 1st Auction of Korean Modern Ceramics
(Viewings 3 November – 7 November 2006, Auction on 7 November 2006)
These works will be auctioned in Bonham’s auction house in November during the Asian Art in London. Come back to Bonham’s to see them in the context of representational works of world ceramics.

Sponsors: World Ceramics Exposition Foundation, Samsung Electronics, Ministry of Culture & Tourism Korea, Ceramic Review, Metropolitan Police, and Bonham’s. official programmes for THINK KOREA 2006.

Prof. Emanuel Cooper, Director of Ceramic Review, Royal College of Art
Prof. Nigel Wood, Westminster University of Westminster Honorary Research Associate, University of Oxford
Ben Williams, Bonham’s, Head of Contemporary Ceramics
Choi Gun, Director of Joseon Royal Kiln Museum, World Ceramics Exposition Foundation, World Biennale Team
Betty McKillop, Head of Asian Collection, Victoria & Albert Museum
Martha Donaghey, Director, Contemporary Ceramics

Stephanie Kim, Art Director, CNE-CULTURE & ENTERTAINMENT LTD.